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Navigating the Holidays with Your Scooter

The holidays are just around the corner which means that there will be a lot of hustle and bustle for the next several weeks, maybe even months. From shopping for gifts to visiting family members, it can be both an exciting and stressful time. Having a mobility scooter is meant to be an asset, helping you navigate the holidays. Whether it’s going to a holiday event or Black Friday shopping, we have some tips for you!

Shopping with Your Mobility Scooter

Shopping during the holiday season is hard enough. Stores are crowded and it’s hard to get to anything you want to see, not to mention it’s difficult to even get anywhere when people are all around you. With the Jazzy Zero Turn, its patented iTurn Technology™ allows this 4-wheel scooter to maneuver easily in hallways, elevators and other small spaces.

While you’re out and about, you may need to get in contact with your family or friends for several reasons. No matter where your scooter or power chair takes you, the XLR USB Charger will keep your cell phone charged and ready to use! This compact charger plugs conveniently into the charging ports of Pride® electric scooters and can be used while your electric scooter is in motion.

When it comes to carrying what you buy during your holiday shopping, we offer two baskets, a front and rear basket, for you to hold your items. Some scooters also offer under seat storage. You can continue shopping hands-free without worrying that your bags will fall off your lap.

Going to Holiday Parties with Your Mobility Scooter

It’s important to be able to see where you’re going. LED lights play a pivotal role in your visibility, safety, and independence and brighten up your night. Several of our scooters come standard with an LED lighting package. Whether after a long day of shopping or leaving an event, you can safely drive through the parking lot or on the sidewalk while still being visible to others.

Several of our scooter accessories make going out convenient without the extra stress of making sure different items are with you. Just like when shopping, both the XLR USB charger and the RAM® X-Grip® cell phone holder are great for being able to easily reach anyone that you need to contact.

While you are at any party or holiday event, having a cup holder is perfect for being able to mingle hands-free, while still having your drink handy.

Whether you are bringing something to the party or taking something home with you, having a front and rear basket is helpful for carrying your items for you as you focus on driving. While the baskets are helpful for smaller items, our cane clip attachment and cane holder are two good options for holding other mobility devices that you may use as an alternative to your scooter, once you get to the event or party.

Traveling with Your Mobility Scooter During the Holidays

Whether you are traveling by land, by sea or by air, portability is important when it comes to traveling with your scooter. Our Go-Go® travel mobility line features smaller scooters that disassemble into five lightweight pieces for storage and transport. There is also the Go-Go® Folding Scooter, which folds in just a few steps. In addition to our Go-Go line, we also have slightly bigger travel scooters, such as the Revo® 2.0 mobility scooter, Victory® 9 and 10 mobility scooters, and the Jazzy Zero Turn. Not all of them disassemble. If traveling by air, be sure to speak with your airline ahead of time to ensure that your batteries are compatible for flying.

-Pride Mobility


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