patient lifts

Full Body Patient Lifts
Patient Lift 1.png

Full Body Patient Lift - Ergonomically designed to reduce and eliminate back injuries among professional caregivers. Providing comfort and dignity for users.

Main features:

  • 400lb capacity

  • Lift from floor and over high beds

  • 6-point spreader bar for extra comfort

  • Full electric lift with optional spare battery

  • Optional Scale

Stand Assist Lifts
Stand Assist 1.png

Sit-to-Stand Solutions. Ergonomic designs ensures safe and smooth patient sit-to-stand transfer.


Main features:

  • 400 lb. safe working capacity

  • Full electric with optional spare battery

  • Compact base for easy maneuver

  • Wide lifting range

  • Adjustable knee-pad

  • Detachable and non-slip foot rest

  • Use with standing and toiletry slings

  • Optional calf and buttock support strap

These are just examples of the lifts we can provide.