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iWALK3.0: The Best Crutch Alternative


Do you hate crutches? Why wouldn’t you? Crutches hurt your hands, wrists and underarms and make it impossible to do everyday tasks because you don’t have use of your hands or arms. Enter iWALK3.0:

This award-winning new crutch design makes for a great alternative to traditional crutches and knee scooters for all below-the-knee injuries. The iWALK3.0 gives you hands-free/pain-free mobility and gives you back the ability to live a functional, independent lifestyle. So now pushing a shopping cart, taking the stairs, walking the dog, going to work are all possible again with the best hands-free crutch solution, iWALK3.0.

So why would you use an arm crutch, when a leg crutch works so much better?

iWALK3.0 is a carefully engineered multiple award winning medical mobility device that ends the pain and inconvenience of conventional crutches. Easy to learn, easy to use, crutches and knee scooters are now obsolete.

Stop by our store in Matthews for a test walk!

Additional Benefits of iWALK3.0

A lower leg injury or surgery can be so frustrating, especially when you must now lead a non-weight-bearing life. How can you walk on a sprained ankle without causing more damage? Enter iWalk3.0. The iWalk3.0 knee walker can be used after surgery to instantly bring back your mobility.

The incredible design of the iWalk3.0 lets you get back to work more quickly and continue to lead an active life. You can walk, work, dance, do yoga—pretty much anything you could do before your injury or surgery recovery.

By using the iWalk3.0, you can also keep up with everyday chores like grocery shopping and laundry. You can carry a cup of coffee without spilling it all over yourself. You can continue to carry your young children.

Knee Scooter vs iWALK3.0 Comparison


Is a knee scooter better than crutches?

Knee scooters have some serious limitations to be aware of as you choose a mobility device for lower leg injuries and foot injuries such as sprained anklesAchilles tendon ruptures, and Jones fractures. These four-wheeled knee walkers, scooter crutches, mobility knee scooters, or knee rollers, have been gaining in popularity as a crutch alternative despite being so large and cumbersome. The bulkiness of the knee scooter makes them difficult to transport, and their large turning radius makes navigating in small spaces impossible.

While knee scooters do eliminate the pain associated with conventional underarm crutches, knee scooters problems still exist. You must use both hands to steer, making a hands-free knee scooter an impossible dream. Even simple tasks are difficult to accomplish. Also, since they have wheels, uneven or sloped ground is extremely challenging. And you can bet that for knee scooters, stairs are completely out of the question!


When comparing knee scooters to iWALK3.0, it is clear that the iWALK3.0 is the best crutch alternative. While the iWALK3.0 works similar to a knee scooter in that you kneel on your shin, it offers so much more mobility and freedom. The iWALk3.0 is a hands-free, pain-free crutch that solves the limitations of bulky knee scooters. It is lightweight, so it is easy to transport, and as an extension of your leg, it is easy to navigate very small spaces. In fact, you can even use your iWALK3.0 in the shower!

The iWALK3.0 is pain-free like knee scooters, but since it is also hands-free you can return to your normal day-to-day activities unrestricted so that you can take care of yourself, and those around you while your lower leg injuries heal. The iWALK3.0 doesn’t share a knee walkers problems, because it’s a temporary lower leg!

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