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ramp options

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Threshold ramps

These ramps combine looks and functionality for
easy home access.
Simply place Harmar’s Rubber Threshold ramp in front of the door to provide a smooth ground-to-sill transition, while blending aesthetically into your entry with its “welcome mat” appearance.
This slip-resistant ramp is designed to be used on any surface and can easily be trimmed or notched for a custom fit.

Single or TriFold

Our single or trifold ramps offer a reliable solution for transitioning curbs, multiple steps, and other obstacles.
They are available in several different lengths and can accommodate a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Plus, lightweight single-fold ramps are easily portable, making them ideal for home and travel.


Wheel-a-Bout Ramp

  • Closure Strap Locks Ramp Panels Together

  • Easy-To-Handle & Set-Up

  • Durable Welded Construction

  • Full Platform Provides Excellent Stability

  • Anti-Slip, High Traction Surface

  • Accommodates Wheelchairs and Scooters with Various Wheel Configurations

  • Stores Upright in Garage

  • Safety DVD And Steel Security Pins Included


now offering roll-a-ramp

The Roll-A-Ramp® home ramp is versatile and portable, and can be configured to any length. The most common size for home use is 30″ and 36″ wide. Roll-A-Ramp is an excellent alternative to building a permanent wooden or concrete ramp. Roll-A-Ramp® is a great option for wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters. Whether you need a safe, sturdy, highly-engineered ramp for a few stairs or a more complex ramp with handrails and platforms, Roll-A-Ramp® is the answer.


modular ramps

Whether you need to make your home more accessible or your business ADA compliant, these modular ramps offer a customizable, easy-to-assemble solution. The ramps have a low-maintenance aluminum construction with a clean, uncluttered appearance that fits in with most surroundings. This system is designed to be freestanding, so it may be used as a permanent fixture, moved, or reconfigured if necessary.

  • Modular ramp system creates custom configurations for home or commercial use

  • Can bring your business into ADA compliance

  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with handrails

  • Freestanding structure can be moved or modified if needed

  • 36" wide ramps

  • Contact us about optional white powder-coated handrails

Ramp Q&A

What are your ramps rated capacity?

Most of our ramps have a 600 lb. rated capacity. Our bariatric models have an 800 lb. rated capacity. PVI Products are tested to a 3X safety factor making the pound for pound, the strongest and lightest ramps available.

What does ADA require for slope ratio?

The least possible slope shall be used for any ramp. The maximum slope of a ramp in new construction shall be 1:12. For additional information on ADA requirements please visit our Ramps Selection Guide.

Can we use a ramp to load a person in the vehicle?

Yes, providing all of the following criteria are met.

1. Since the wheelchair is occupied, we recommends never exceeding a 2:12 slope ratio (for every 2 inches of rise a foot of ramp will be required). 2. Always make sure a qualified assistant is present when using any portable ramp.

3. Make certain there is adequate head clearance before entering the van.

4. If using a side door entry, make sure there is a minimum of 30" side to side clearance to accommodate the portable ramp.

What is the width of your ramp?

Our standard portable ramps are 30" wide. Our bariatric multifold ramp measures 36"wide.

What are your ramps made of?

PVI uses 6005-T5 and 6063-T5 grade aluminum. The portable ramps walking surface is covered with a very high grade/high tack rated adhesive-backed non-slip tape. Once applied, it is very difficult to remove. All hardware is zinc plated.

What is the surface of the ramp covered with?

Our portable ramps are covered with a very high grade/high tack rated adhesive backed non-slip tape. Once applied, it is very difficult to remove. The entrance Threshold on our Modular Ramp system is covered with the same material. The actual planking on PVI's Modular Ramp has a grooved surface designed to expel water and provide a safe walking surface.

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