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The holiday season is around the corner and it’s time to visit family and friends. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year in the travel industry. This means you need your wheelchair to be prepared for busy airports, train stations and more. As a wheelchair user, you will want to make sure your wheelchair is working at its best before the holidays arrive.

1. Inspect and Clean - Whether you use your wheelchair on a daily basis or for travel purposes, it gets dirty. Clean your wheelchair with a damp soft cloth to remove dust, dirt, and sticky residue. Carefully inspect your wheelchair for any damage. Debris easily gets caught in the wheels. It is essential to clear out any dirt that can prevent your tires from working properly.

2. Repair or Replace Tires - Pneumatic tires are the most popular for wheelchairs. Other types of wheelchair tires include solid and flat-free. Your tires need to be in good condition. This means replacement or repair might be necessary. Keep in mind that your tires need to make it through the entire holiday season, especially when you travel. If your tires look a little worn now, chances are you will be pushing the limit at the end of the holiday season. Don’t take any chances. Get them replaced before the season begins.

3. Replace or Repair Seat and Backrest - The wheelchair seat and backrest provide you with comfort and support. A damaged or overly worn seat and backrest can cause the upholstery to become over-stretched causing injury, pain, poor performance and bad posture. If you suffer from these ailments you should replace or repair the upholstery on your wheelchair. A professional at Mobility & More or WSR Solutions can take care of this for you quickly and easily.

4. Replace the Batteries - Wheelchair batteries generally last up to 1 ½ to 2 years when recharged consistently and maintained properly. A common sign your wheelchair batteries need replacement is early depletion compared to the past normal usage. Batteries should be replaced in pairs before the holiday season. The last thing you want is to get stranded during a trip or have to cancel or delay meeting family and friends.

5. Test the Brakes - As a wheelchair user, you understand the importance of braking properly. If your wheelchair shows signs of hesitation when you are trying to stop, it’s time to get your brakes tested. Avoiding brake repair or replacement can create a dangerous situation.

6. Replace Leg Rests - The leg rests get frequent use and are prone to hitting into objects causing damage. Traveling during the holidays will require you to remove the leg rests on your wheelchair. They need to be easily removable and attachable. Some wheelchair users do a variety of DIY projects to prolong replacing leg rests. This is the perfect time of year to professionally replace or upgrade leg rests.

7. Repair Armrests - The armrests are often the first thing that gets worn out on the wheelchair. The constant use and contact with armrests can also cause skin irritation. Repair the armrests so they are functional and comfortable.

8. Check the Motor - Power wheelchairs are the most popular option for users. They are convenient and comfortable. It is essential for the motor to work properly at all times. If you notice your wheelchair isn’t as powerful as it was in the past, inspection is highly recommended.

9. Replace Front Caster Forks - The wheelchair front caster forks are vulnerable to heavy use. They are known to become worn out if not properly maintained. It is essential to replace the front caster forks to assure safety and maintain proper care of your wheelchair.

10. Replace Accessories - Wheelchair users purchase a variety of accessories to customize their wheelchair to suit their needs. The most common accessories are cup holders, cell phone holders, umbrella holders, and crutch, cane and oxygen attachments. These helpful accessories get worn due to frequent use. Inspect your accessories and replace any that are damaged or broken.

Preparation for the Holiday Season Before you realize it the holiday season will arrive. It is recommended to take care of wheelchair maintenance and repairs immediately. Begin by carefully inspecting your chair and creating a list of all the necessary replacement and repairs needed. Number the list from the most important repair to the least important. Creating the list according to most-needed repairs will help you prioritize the repair schedule.

Consult with a Professional Mobility & More and Wheelchair and Scooter Repair has certified technicians in all 50 states within America. Make an in-home appointment for a technician to inspect your chair. The friendly professional will provide you with a list of maintenance and repairs that are required for your wheelchair model. Most repairs can be completed on the spot. On occasion, you might need to wait for a specific replacement part to arrive.

Plan Ahead If you notice your wheelchair has a lot of issues, you should take action immediately. Ignoring signs that your wheelchair requires maintenance can cause bigger problems later. Keep in mind that some businesses close for the holidays. If you happen to need emergency repairs on a holiday, you might be forced to wait until the next day or find an alternative mobility device.

Plan ahead and get the repairs completed before the holidays. Hesitating or avoiding getting your wheelchair repaired now can cause costly repairs later. Get started today by making an appointment with Mobility & More in the Charlotte, NC area or Wheelchair and Scooter Repair nationally.

Contact: Mobility & More at 704-821-7777 in Charlotte or Wheelchair and Scooter Repair for nationwide in-home repairs at 1-888-584-3095.



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