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Below are our most common power liftchair recliners for rent!

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pride mobility

Embrace the serenity of a quiet corner in your home with a cozy, luxurious recliner. Take time for yourself with the Legacy Collection from VivaLift!®. Put your feet up and fully stretch out on the footrest extension. Enjoy a good novel or turn on the television. No matter what activity you choose, infinite, lay-flat positioning ensures you’ll always find your most comfortable and supportive position. Plus, you’ll never misplace your book or the remote with the convenient side storage pocket.

CATEGORY                                                     SPECIFICATION
Model                                                      VivaLift!® Legacy- PLR-958M                                  PLR-958L
Position                                     Infinite Lay Flat, Relaxed, Reclined, Upward Lift                         "
Weight Capacity                                                    400 lbs.                                                        400 lbs.
Seat to Floor                                                            19.5"                                                             20.5"
Seat Depth                                                               21.5"                                                             22"
Seat Width                                                                22"                                                               23"
Top of Back to Seat                                                 25"                                                               26"
Fully Padded Chaise                                               Yes                                                               Yes
Footrest Extension                                             Standard                                                       Standard
Chair Height                                                             42"                                                              43.5"
Distance From Wall                                                  16"                                                                16"
Overall Chair Width                                                  35"                                                               36.5"
Chair Weight                                                          153 lbs.                                                        160 lbs.   
Battery Backup                                                      Lithium                                                       Lithium
Height Range                                                        5'4"-5'9"                                                     5'10" and above


pride mobility

A truly elegant, sophisticated recliner is more than just physically alluring: It’s the precise combination of function, style, and comfort. The Elegance Collection from VivaLift!® Power Recliners is all of these and more, providing a cozy place to relax with your family. The soft fabric blend and contrast stitching makes this recliner a perfect addition to your home.

CATEGORY                                                                          SPECIFICATION

Model                                                                       VivaLift!® Elegance- PLR-975M

Position                                                  Infinite Lay Flat, Relaxed, Reclined, Upward Lift

Weight                                                                                  Capacity400 lbs.

Seat to Floor                                                                                    20"

Seat Depth                                                                                       21"

Seat Width                                                                                        21"

Top of Back to Seat                                                                         27"

Fully Padded Chaise                                                                       Yes

Footrest Extension                                                                      Standard

Chair Height                                                                                    42"

Distance From Wall                                                                         14"

Overall Chair Width                                                                        35.5"

Chair Weight                                                                                152 lbs.

Battery Backup                                                                             Lithium

Height Range                                                                               5'4"-5'9"


pride mobility

Contemporary comfort has never been more stylish! The Metro Collection by VivaLift!® Power Recliners offers maximum relaxation with infinite, lay-flat positioning. Soft, dark colors with Saville fabric offers a unique and cozy appeal, making the Metro recliner a perfect accent piece for the bright areas in your home. A USB port in the remote offers convenient access for charging smart devices. It’s time to experience the richness and luxury of the VivaLift!® brand. More Details

CATEGORY                                                      SPECIFICATION

  • Model                                                       Metro PLR-925M

  • Position                                                            Infinite Lay Flat

  • Weight Capacity                                                    400 lbs.

  • Height Range                                                 5'6" and under"

  • Seat to Floor                                                             19"

  • Seat Depth                                                                21"

  • Seat Width                                                                21"

  • Top of Back to Seat                                                26.5"

  • Fully Padded Chaise                                                Yes

  • Footrest Extension                                               Standard

  • Chair Height                                                             41"

  • Distance From Wall                                                  14"

  • Overall Chair Width                                                  33"

  • Chair Weight                                                           142 lbs.

    More Details


comforter series


  • Timeless Style and Comfort

  • Hand Stuffed Seam Back

  • Exceptional Lumbar Support

  • Full Chaise Pad Support for Total Body Comfort

  • Simple Two Button Control

  • Easily Raise to a Standing Position

  • Gently Lower to a Seated Position

  • Recline for Extra Comfort

  • “Full Napper” Position

  • Superior Leg Extension

  • SmartTek™ Inside – Patent Pending Diagnostic System

  • Meets California Safety Code: Cal 117

  • Non-Skid Leg Levelers for Extra Stability and Safety

  • Easy Access Battery Back-Up System

  • Overall Width: 34.5"

  • Overall Height: 44"

  • Width Between Arms: 23"

  • Distance Required From Wall Reclined: 18"

  • Product Size: Large

  • Seat Depth: 22"



The Monarch PR-355 3-Position is a quality liftchair which offers numerous recline options so that you can find the perfect position. The three-way recline system means that you can recline into a full napper position for maximized comfort when sleeping. Additionally, you can stop the chair’s movement at any time during the lift or recline by releasing the hand control button. You can stop in any position before the furthest recline. The Monarch PR-355 3-Position is crafted with a generously stuffed seam back and seat to provide you with plenty of support.


  • Overall Width: 32"

  • Overall Height: 42"

  • Width Between Arms: 21"

  • Distance Required From Wall Reclined: 17"

  • Product Size: Medium (See Details Link Below For Large Size Specs)

  • Seat Depth: 20.5"

   More Details


Clean & Sanitized Guarantied

Rest assured your liftchair/recliner will be 100% cleaned and sanitized before we deliver it. We use an industry-leading solution called PRO-Techs that uses a MicroBiostatic Antimicrobial Protection Nanotechnology that works 24/7 to prevent growth of microorganisms with is a 99.9% effectiveness and a durability of up to 90-days when applied on surfaces.
PRO-Techs prevents growth of all microorganisms –viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae – via a safe “electrical” kill of electrocution instead of using poisonous chemistry like all disinfectants do. PRO-Techs can also be purchased at our Matthews showroom. Learn more about PRO-Tech at

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