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Green Roads is probably one of the most famous brands around. There is a growing number of up and coming brands in this industry, but sometimes it’s nice to have an older company who knows the score.

The company is definitely a mainstay in the CBD industry, and it is a brand that often ranks highly on many CBD lists. But what makes this company so great, and are there any downsides? In today’s review, we take an in-depth look at Green Roads to see what this company is all about.

Green Roads has two founders: Laura Baldwin Fuentes, who is also the CEO, and Arby Barroso. The two of them clearly run a tight ship, and over the years, Green Roads has gone from strength to strength.

The product range has continued to expand, now including a range that will appeal to many CBD users. Plus, the brand employs a team of pharmacists with over 25 years of experience between them, who help to formulate the high-quality Green Roads CBD oil. You can find their products in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including some delicious edibles such as Green Roads CBD gummies, Green Roads Relax Bears, and Green Roads Froggies.

The brand is based in Florida, and following the laws of this state, it packages each and every product with a QR code linked to that individual batch’s lab result. This is an incredible feat in the current industry, showing that customers should expect true transparency. It’s something that’s refreshing to see. Take a look at their range of products that include Green Roads CBD cream, Green Roads CBD vape, and Green Roads terpenes.

Still haven’t found your favorite product? Have a look at our reasons why we think Green Roads deserves your attention.

CO2 Extraction: Although there are many extraction methods that can be used in the CBD industry, CO2 extraction is far and away considered to be the best. It is safer than solvent methods and results in a high-quality product in the end. Green Roads uses CO2 extraction in all of its products.

Big Product Range: The Green Roads product range is extensive, featuring a number of products that can suit anyone. As well as having a number of product types, most products come in a few different strengths, appealing to new and veteran CBD users alike.

Lab Results Available: It is always good when a CBD company posts the lab results for the products on its site. This level of transparency is important in an unregulated industry, so we appreciate it when a company makes its lab sheets available to customers. Green Roads posts the lab results in the product description to each product. It also ships each product out with a QR code matching the lab results from that particular batch.

Present on Social Media: It’s always encouraging when a brand has a good social media presence. Green Roads is popular on social media, amassing over 50,000 followers at the time of writing. This is impressive, and it speaks to the brand’s reputation.

Positive Reviews from Consumers: If you doubt Green Roads, all you need to do is take a look at customer reviews. Green Roads users are delighted with the quality of products, and even third-party review sites are impressed with the quality of this brand. With a reputation like that, you know that Green Roads is doing something right.

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