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Mobility Scooter or Electric/Power Wheelchair? Which One Is Right For You?

It's no surprise that mobility devices are on the rise! With so many scooters and electric / power wheelchairs coming to the market how does one decide what's right, or even more important which device is safe! At Mobility & More we take the time to explore the right & safe option that will allow the user to ultimately keep there independence and of course enjoy the ride! So how does one decide which device is best? This small breakdown is the best way to explore what is best and works for you -

"In short scooters are entry level mobility solutions designed for those who are still largely mobile but need a bit of extra help. In contrast a power/electric wheelchair is designed for those users who progress out of a scooter and are more dependent on a mobility device for everyday life."

Scooters - The user is more mobile , Power/Electric Wheelchairs - The users can no longer use a scooter and is dependent on a mobility device (like a electric/power wheelchair).

When a customer comes into our showroom (either in Matthews, NC or Indian Land, SC) we will sit down and discuss what is right, and safe and go through all the options that works best! Of course a test drive is always the best part!

Mobility Scooters -

Golden Technologies Buzzaround Models (LT, XLS-HD, EX)

Pride Mobility - GOGO Models, i-GO, Baja Bandit

Journey So-Lite C1

Glion Snap & Go

& More!

*Features may vary - and can include LED lights, Suspension, and Upgraded Seats.

**Some things to think about - How much leg room do I need? Do I prefer a single handle style grip vs. a dual handle grip? Would I prefer 3 wheels or 4 wheels? Is the user going to be transporting the device alone or with a caregiver? How portable do I really want the device? Am I traveling with the device? Am I using the device indoors? Outdoors? or a combination? Do i have the space indoors to make tight turns (hallway to bathroom) for example? Can I safely sit and exit the device, or do I need assistance?

Power/Electric Wheelchairs -

Pride Jazzy Carbon

Journey Air Elite

Journey Zoomer

Journey Zinger

Golden Tech Cricket

& More!

*Features may vary and can include different variations of folding/transporting, considered ultra-lightweight, or even have different foot rests and storage solutions.

**Some things to think about - Am I more comfortable with a joystick control system to propel the device? Am I transporting the device alone or with a caregiver? Is lightweight a priority? Can i safely sit, and exit the chair with the included manuf. foot rests? Am i traveling with device? Am I using the device more indoors? Outdoors? or a combination? Am I safe alone with using the device? Am I able to charge the device when needed?

Mobility & More - Indian, Land, SC

(9456 Charlotte Hwy)

Mobility & More - Matthews, NC

(251 N. Trade St)

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