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Instructions for Cleaning a Manual Wheelchair

  1. Begin disassembling the wheelchair by taking off the seat and back cushions and any other fabric components of the chair.

  2. Use the compressed air to spray dirt out of the wheelchair crevices and between the wheel spokes. Hair, clumps of dirt and debris can severely impact the wheelchair’s mobility.

  3. Fill a bucket with warm water mixed with the mild dish soap. Soak the microfiber towel in the soapy water, wring the towel and gently wipe every surface of the wheelchair frame. An antibacterial cleaner can also be used, but avoid using petroleum-based cleaners or steel wool to scrub, as those materials can damage the paint.

  4. Use another towel (damp, but not completely soaked) to clean between the wheel spokes and around the wheel. If necessary, unscrew the bolts and scrub them with a wire brush to remove dirt or grease build-up.

  5. With a clean towel, completely dry the wheelchair frame, wheels, and bolts to avoid rust and corrosion. Feel free to use the compressed air once more to ensure no dust is left behind.

  6. Optional: Use a tire cleaner for the chair’s wheels to increase shine.

  7. Optional: Apply a layer of non–abrasive auto wax to the frame every three months to achieve optimal shine and lasting quality.

  8. To clean the seat and back cushions, hand wash them with the mild detergent and air dry them. Unless noted by the manufacturer, avoid machine washers and dryers, as they may damage the fabric.

  9. Optional: Spray the chair cushions with Scotchgard to maintain quality and make for easy stain removal in the future.

  10. Reassemble the wheelchair and set a routine cleaning schedule. Weekly wipe–downs are encouraged, but more in-depth cleanings should be carried out monthly or quarterly.


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