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Two-way voice communication using powerful microphone and speaker to ensure call quality.

Small, Lightweight and Shower-safe.

Nationwide coverage, provided by T-Mobile.

Cellular Location Technology allows Response Center to notify the proper authorities and your personal responders as to the area your located.

One low monthly fee with no hidden charges.

iSAFE Mobile Responder can be easily worn as a necklace, on a keychain or carried in a pocket or purse.

No landline phone connection or base station required.

Location availability and accuracy is based on cellular network coverage in the area.

Who Uses the iSAFE Mobile Responder?



Woman Alone

Latch Key Kids

People with Disabilities




College Students

And many more…

Your cell phone and 911 are not the answer!  The iSAFE Mobile Responder allows you to simply push one button to be in two-way voice communication with your personal Safety Response Center.

The iSAFE Mobile Responder, unlike a cell phone, is:



Last two months on a single charge

Performs a daily battery test

Provides low battery notification via email or text

Gets you assistance with a Single Button

The iSAFE Response Center, unlike 911, Knows:

Who You Are – Name, Home Address, Age, etc.

Where you are

What you're driving

Who your family and friends are that you want contacted


Monthly Option
$34.95 per month or $44.95 for iSafe Responder
$35.00 onetime activation ($25.00 for Quarterly Billing)
$14.95 shipping & handling

$44.95 per month for iSafe Elite (Includes Fall Detection, Locate Loved Ones Location, Geo-Fencing, etc.)
$35.00 onetime activation ($25.00 for Quarterly Billing)
$14.95 shipping & handling

Quarterly Option - BEST VALUE! 
$89.85 per quarter ($29.95 per mo.) for iSafe Responder or $119.85 ($39.95 per month) for iSafe Elite
$25.00 onetime activation
$14.95 shipping & handling

The iSAFE Mobile Responder or iSafe Elite is provided at no equipment cost, you only pay for the service. When you no longer require the service simply return the iSAFE Mobile Responder

Optional Accessories

Door knob mount key box $19.95
Wall mount key box $19.95


Subscription Plans – Home-Based System

Monthly Subscription

No Activation Fee
Monthly Subscription Fee $24.95
Shipping $14.95


Fall Detector* (Necklace) add $10.00 per mo.
Cell Option (if no land line available) add $10.00 per mo.
Extra Standard Button (necklace or wristband) $29.95 (one time)

Quarterly Subscription
No Activation Fee
Quarterly Subscription Fee
($19.95 mo.) $59.85
Shipping $14.95


Fall Detector* (Necklace) add $30.00 per qtr.
Cell Option (if no land line available) add $30.00 per qtr.
Extra Standard Button (necklace or wristband) $29.95 (one time)

iSAFE Responder
Keeping you safe, at home and “On the Go!”
Direct GPS Location** – Sends your position directly to the monitoring center.
Wireless Network – Take it wherever you go on a nationwide 3G wireless network.
Extended Battery Life – Up to 72 Hour Use – For maximum use between charges.
Lightweight – 1.5 ounces, comfortable to carry or wear. Includes necklace, belt clip and wristband.
Loud – Crystal clear audio quality, no need to hold to the ear or mouth to listen or speak.

iSAFE Elite
Same as the iSafe Responder, plus these additional features
Fall Detection* – Notifies the monitoring center/loved ones if you fall.
Ring on Request – This will cause the unit to ring, helping you locate your unit should it be misplaced.
Locate Loved One (LLO) – Allows loved ones or caregivers to check on unit’s location.
Geo-Fencing – Notifies friends/family if you are near and/or step out of your pre-programmed “safe zone”. (restrictions apply)

Order Here or Call 704-821-7777
​Dealer Coupon Code (280790486) 

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