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Do you work with patients that have Chronic and acute edema, including Lymphedema Post trauma and post paralytic edema, DVT prophylaxis, Venous insufficiency, Venous stasis ulcers, Non-healing wounds, Post-surgical lesions, Decubitus ulcers, Diabetic wounds, Amputations, Skin grafts, and Burns? First Choice Medical can help!

Below is the process and procedure.

Please provide the following items:

1.  Script:


2.  Face sheet with insurance information and demographics

3.  Clinical Notes and Documentation (necessary to process the claim)

    • Diagnosis:  Chronic Lymphedema – 457.1 (lower) or 457.0 (upper)

    • Duration of Condition:  How long has patient had the symptoms?

    • Prognosis:  Fair or worsening

    • Functional Limitations Caused by Condition:  limited mobility, problems with walking, balance and dressing, basic daily functions

    • Prior Remedies Utilized:  Exercise, elevation, compression garments (wraps, or garment) - Minimum of 4 weeks of these conservative therapies.

    • Notes must be signed or electronically signed

We look forward to assisting you care for your patients.
Please contact us or fax the above information and we will begin the process.  Fax to 704-256-1500



BioCompression Systems is our manufacture of choice

BioCompression Systems is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic sequential compression therapy equipment and therapeutic support surfaces. BioCompression Systems has developed a wide range of arm, leg, and shoulder appliances to reduce edema, increase circulation, and promote wound healing. BioCompression appliances are currently manufactured in a variety of sizes. Custom appliances of various length and widths can be designed and delivered within a period of only two weeks.

Chronic and acute edema, including Lymphedema Post trauma and post paralytic edema
DVT prophylaxis
Venous insufficiency
Venous stasis ulcers
Non-healing wounds
Post-surgical lesions
Decubitus ulcers
Diabetic wounds
Amputations, Skin grafts, Burns, etc.

Sequential Circulators- The driving technology behind today’s most cost-effective, state-of-the-art
compression therapy and wound care.

2004 Fast Cycle Sequential Circulator


  • Four Individual Chambers with gradient pressure

  • Pressure can be adjusted in chamber #1 providing gradient pressure to  chambers #2, 3, & 4

From Mego Afek is a unique treatment system for the most severe cases of lymphedema. Pressure range is 20-180 mmHg. The Lympha Press device treats lymphedema using physiological principles. Pressure is distributed into overlapping air compartments which are contained in a special sleeve. The compartments are sequentially inflated, from distal to proximal, massaging the limb in a proximal direction. The overlapping compartments prevent any gaps in treatment, to achieve a maximal and safe reduction of the lymphedema.

The treatment cycle starts by filling the distal compartment first and continues inflating the remaining compartments in sequence during the first 24 seconds until all are full. The pressure is held in all compartments for 2 seconds, then deflates for four seconds which completes the 30 seconds cycle. The cycle then repeats itself.

A wide range of garment sizes is available, for treating people of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of lymphedema. Each garment comes with either 3 zippers or 3 velcro straps for size adjustment.

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